17 activity themes and ideas you can do with your kids this February

17 activity themes and ideas you can do with your kids this February

Need some fun kids activity ideas for February? Here are some fun themes and ideas you can do throughout the month with the whole family. You can also incorporate it into your homeschool learning themes for the month!

  • National Library Lover’s Month
    On February 14, aside from Valentines Day, it's also Library Lover's Day – a celebration dedicated to book lovers across the globe! This is all about showing appreciation to our libraries, which form important community hubs and hold a wealth of information that anyone can access. Check out our 2022 Reading Challenge for you and your little ones!

  • International Vegan Cuisine Month 
    For those who are vegan, or have friends or family members who are vegans, this is a great time to introduce your kids and teach them all about Vegan Cuisine and the culture around being Vegan. This month is dedicated to all things vegan, and particularly learning what can be done to make those favorite foods vegan and cruelty-free! Check out some vegan-friendly recipes from our friend over at @thatveggiedude as well as some easy-to-follow family-friendly vegan recipe ideas from @rainbowplantlife you can try!
  • National Bake For Family Fun Month 
    This event is all about getting families into the kitchen and baking. If you need an excuse to have more cookies and cakes in your life, this is the moment!!

  • Storytelling Week (29 January - 5 February 2022)
    Hosted by a UK nonprofit The Society for Storytelling, this week is focused on the power of stories, and it especially encourages children to experiment with story-centered activities. Check out some these resources to help you celebrate Storytelling week.

And here are some FUN days you can choose to incorporate into your February curriculum:

  • Feb 1: Chinese New Year 
  • Feb 2: World Read Aloud Day - build a story challenge
  • Feb 7: Send A Card To A Friend Day
  • Feb 11: National Make A Friend Day
  • Feb 13: Get A Different Name Day
  • Feb 14: Valentines Day and International Book Giving Day
  • Feb 17: Random Acts Of Kindness Day
  • Feb 20: National Love Your Pet Day
  • Feb 21: International Mother Language Day
  • Feb 22: World Thinking Day and World Yoga Day
  • Feb 23: National Pink Day (Anti-Bullying)
  • Feb 26: Carpe Diem Day and Tell A Fairytale Day
  • Feb 28: National Floral Design Day

Tag us on instagram or use #mykidscrate, we'd love to see what activities you guys come up with! Which ones did your kids enjoy the most? 

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